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In-house last stitching with un-openable knots. Balls won't open from stitch during gameplay. 

Bounce enable with the help of FIFA-approved gel inside.

Soft on hands and wrists when impacted or smashed hardly. Stays with the ball till its existence.

Classically stitched by the highly skilled stitchers.


Passed all the straight light tests to give the best response during the game with pinpoint accuracy.

4 high-end QC pass layers of various materials. Combination of synthetic and natural materials for making it a flawless ball. 

Engineered for the stable lights of the balls. Balls have passed all the aerodynamics.


Bonded with the latest thermal technology for swift flight and seamless feeling. Adopted materials for thermal bonding strength.

Strict abrasive resistant technology. for the outer surface. Increase longevity and durability. Keeps the aesthetics of the ball for a longer period.

Improved visibility for balls for playing under floodlights or evening sessions. Strong visibility improved performance in all weather.